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Client and Communication

  • Managing the work with the Company Key Clients
  • Developing business relations with Customers on the realization of the maximum scope of products and services offered by Weatherford and its branches
  • Manage vendor and client contracts to ensure Company’s interests are maintained.

Vision and  Leadership

  • Promotes an environment of One Weatherford, trust, care and respect built on open two-way communication, empowerment, employee achievement and the use of positive reinforcement and disciplinary action when required
  • Establish and maintain an effective skilled support structure to meet  the needs of the business in the short and longer term, maximizing reliability and quality and minimizing cost exposure
  • To participate in development implementation and improvement of integrated management system.

Financial Performance

  • Perform operations program, keep operations profitability with little labor expenses, material, financial resources at maximum equipment utilization
  • To manage operation activities of the PL. Forecasting resource consumption and control of it
  • Participation in the cyclic, unplanned, annual inventories of additives and proppants.


  • Regularly assess the resources and support required to perform a safe and high quality job and ensure strict adherence to Service Quality and Safety Standards
  • Constantly evaluates the safety effectiveness of operations through systematic analysis of near-misses and accidents, to promptly determine their cause and the corrective actions required in terms of personnel awareness/training / equipment standards/maintenance.  Is actively involved in Root Cause Analysis for all incidents affecting safety and service quality in the area.

Team Building and Mentoring

  • Lead training, and technical/professional development efforts for personnel
  • Oversees the training of field personnel, trying to maintain the necessary balance between the area’s operational requirements and individual development needs
  • Participates in the recruitment process of field employees in order to foster an environment that enables the company to attract and retain a high performing, talented work force

QHSSE Commitment & Compliance

  • The employee is responsible both for his own safety and safety of others, demonstrates a personal commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment and applies Weatherford and where appropriate Client Company’s Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy and Management Systems.
  • Demonstrate a personal commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment.
  • Apply Weatherford, and where appropriate Client Company’s, Health, Safety & Environment Policy and Management Systems.
  • The Employee is responsible for both their own safety and for safety of others.
  • Assist in the timely and proper investigation of accidents at work, accidents, fires in accordance with the applicable provisions.
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