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  1. Supervises the work of the warehouse receipt, storage and release of finished products at its placement based on the most efficient use of warehouse space, facilitate and accelerate the search for necessary goods.
  2. Ensures the safety of the finished product.
  3. Organizes work on bundling, packaging and preparation for shipment of products.
  4. Manufactures ship products according decorated appropriately documents (invoices, bills, etc.).
  5. Arrange for the loading and unloading of stock in compliance with the rules for the protection, safety, industrial hygiene and fire protection, collection, storage and timely return to suppliers loading props.
  6. Maintains records of warehouse operations.
  7. Interacts with the regional Department of Purchasing and Logistics of the document circulation and order tracking.
  8. Work with transport companies. Track vehicle, paperwork.
  9. Selecting a freight carrier with a view to minime costs and delivery times.
  10. Enforces the rules of registration and deposit account-documents.
  11. Makes the established reporting.
  12. Monitors the availability and serviceability of fire-fighting equipment, the condition of buildings, equipment and inventory in stock and ensure their timely repair.
  13. Participates in conducting stocktakings.
Inventory coord
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