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1. Inspection of parts of complex configuration using magnetic method by fixed and portable flaw detectors directly on the unit without its removal.

2. Inspection of cylindrical products by Eddy current devices with interpretation of location of defects according to defectogram. Explanation of surface defects

3. Measuring the thickness of metal.  Detecting the presence and size of lamination zone by configured device in the range of thickness specified by NDT equipment

4. Determination of defects in the details of a complex configuration under the NDT inspector of higher qualification.

5. Preparation of magnetic suspensions. Logging

6. Checking the depth gauge readings, checking flaw detectors, transducers

7. Determining the origin and extent of defects
8. Set up and calibrate tested equipment.

9. Plan, organize and perform the applicable non-destructive examinations.

10. Interpret and evaluate results with respect to applicable codes, standards, specifications and procedures.

11. Perform final classification of fitness for use according to clients specified requirements.

12. Prepare and report results correctly.

13. Prepare written instructions.

14. Perform Quality Control checks on inspection and testing performance.

15. should have diploma in Oilfield business & be a qualified Inspector having certificates in the following dsiiplines

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