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  • В городе Nefteyugansk
  • Опыт работы более 3 лет
  • Занятость вахтовый метод
  • Know how to operate fracturing equipment properly and know well stimulation, cementing and acidizing procedure.
  • To do technological steam dewaxing of oil wells, flow lines, oil collectors; warming of water pipes and other technological equipment.
  • Know properties of all chemicals used for fracturing, the rules of their disposal.
  • Give directions to crew cab operators and frac crew in general
  • Give instructions on issues under his authority.
  • Make suggestions to change or improve training and skills of the frac crew.
  • Maintain equipment in good condition and prepare for well stimulation job..
  • Analyze job activity and advise crew cab operators to ensure normal functioning of frac crew.
  • Ensuring that all activities under c their control are conducted  in a safe and proper manner.
  • Ensuring that all his subordinates know their Operations Safety, Labor & Environmental Protection responsibilities, are properly qualified, trained and certified to perform their tasks and aware of all potential hazards associated with their individual jobs.
  • Holding pre-job briefings prior to the mobilization of all operational jobs and holding pre-job safety meetings prior to the beginning of all operational jobs, prior to beginning any job that may be unfamiliar to the employees performing the work, and whenever there is a change in job scope.
  • Observe norms and instructions pertaining to labor protection, maintain clean the facilities assigned to him.
  • Ensure that all recently recruited or transferred employees have received all required operations safety, labor & environmental training and certification prior to taking up their assigned duties.
  • Ensure that all regulatory requirements and Company standards, practices and procedures applicable to their work are complied with.
  • Identify and correct unsafe conditions before work begins and stop the work process in the event of imminent danger.  “Imminent Danger” means a danger that is not normal for a worker’s occupation or a danger under which a person engaged in that occupation would not normally perform his or her work.  Informing management of any hazardous conditions or activities for which they will require directives, assistance or advice to correct.
Field supervisor FRAC
Директор / руководитель Нефтегазовое оборудование Разработка месторождений

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