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  • В городе Nefteyugansk
  • Опыт работы более 2 лет
  • Занятость вахтовый метод
  • To prepare the unit for work.
  • To do technological steam dewaxing of oil wells, flow lines, oil collectors; warming of water pipes and other technological equipment.
  • To hook up the units to wells, oilfield equipment.
  • To watch working parameters of measuring and auxiliary mechanisms of the unit.
  • To assemble and disassemble the unit’s equipment, measuring devices.
  • Preventive and operating repair of the equipment
  • To drive unit’s truck when moving.
  • To fill up unit’s truck with gas, liquids and cooling liquids.
  • To check and control technical condition of the truck before work, on work completion to hand it back and park the vehicle at the assigned place.
  • To repair slight damages that does not require disassembling of the mechanisms. Unless directed to assist a mechanic
  • To keep working place in order.
  • To do technical maintenance and current repair of the truck and its technological equipment.
  • To handle tools carefully.
  • To fill in trip sheets and other related documents.
  • When hand over to accept and hand back the truck in working order.
  • To do other jobs for operations needs and which are not stipulated in the present JD;
Steam truck operator CT
Техническое обслуживание оборудования Трубопроводный транспорт

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