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Canrig is a manufacturing division of Nabors Industries which is the world’s largest drilling company. Canrig is vertically integrated with Nabors and manufactures a premier line of automated drilling equipment and rig components marketed with the Canrig® brand.

Canrig manufactures wide variety of equipment for oil and gas industry such as Top Drives, Robotic Wrenches, Catwalks, Casing Drilling and Running equipment and many other. Besides equipment manufacturing, Canrig ensures equipment owners and their service providers have everything that they need for their businesses — Rentals, Parts, Shop Repairs, Field Service etc. All those go beyond Canrig brands, equipment portfolio includes Shop Repairs of other manufacturers’ equipment. Canrig supports its rental business and any other providing services with qualified maintenance personnel on 24/7 basis to ensure no NPT arises.

Canrig abides by continuous improvement strategy, maintains high ethical and compliant standards, facilitates personnel training and development, and drives ESG transformation both inside the organization and outside to its Customers.

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